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hay. LJ.

dont have enaf time to update my LJ. i miss the people here. LJ people. awwwwoooooo.. asan na kayo? ela? hahaha.. mishu all!! waaahh.. i'm dead nervous. june 13 is fast approaching. mixed emotions. what will it look like? how does it feel to be a college student? (at last!)

ano bang gngwa pag first day? waahh. surprise ba ito. haha.

good thing. may kasabay na ako on my way to school and on my way home. haha!! 

Goodluck saken. sateng lahat.

musta na kayo LJ people? haha.

God bless us!!

i just love my life even though i am missing a lot of people. 

on june 4, punta ako sa alma mater ko nung hayskul. haha! namis ko kaagad e.

miss ko na magGIG!!!